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The reality that Maria Santiago is married to American businessman and con artist Stevan Hoffenberg is well-known. Attributable to Maria, her husband’s enterprise has been exceedingly worthwhile.
Stevan, meantime, gained prominence principally as Jeffrey Epstein’s longstanding mentor. He based mostly Towers Financial Firm and served as its founder, CEO, president, and chairman. Towers Financial Firm was a debt assortment agency that in the long run turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. In 1993, he prevented the New York Publish from going bankrupt and briefly owned the newspaper.
He was a vibrant New York character who tried in ineffective to “save” The New York Publish from chapter inside the early Nineties. He’s moreover well-known for his failed relationship with Epstein.

Sadly, Stevan’s physique was current in his Derby, Connecticut, residence on August 23, 2022. When he handed away, he was 77 years earlier. Epstein’s accuser Maria Farmer asserted that she phoned the police to confirm on Hoffenberg after she was unable to achieve him on the phone.

It was unclear how prolonged he had been lifeless because of his physique was extensively decomposed, Farmer had made fairly a number of makes an try and get involved with him, and on July 26, his Twitter train abruptly stopped.

Who Is Maria Santiago? Steven Hoffenberg’s Wife

The reality that Maria Santiago is Stevan Hoffberg’s partner is broadly acknowledged. The two acquired married in 2014 and stayed wed until August 23, 2022, when Stevan handed away.

However, like completely different well-known film star wives, Stevan’s affiliate likes a low-key life-style and retains her private particulars private.

Maria is assumed solely as a result of the businessman Stevan’s partner. Nonetheless her 77-year-old husband instantly handed away. Hoffenberg was found on the bottom of his mattress room unconscious. Although the precise clarification for his dying stays to be a thriller, a police provide asserts that his physique lacked any obvious indicators of “trauma.”

By the use of the scandal-plagued Towers Financial Corp., which he and Epstein co-founded and used as a entrance to cheat 200 victims of $460 million, Hoffenberg rose to prominence inside the Nineties.

He was freed from jail after serving 18 years for the crimes as a modified man who joined Epstein’s victims of their battle in the direction of the late pedophile. He handed away alone in a Derby, Connecticut, rental.

Does Maria Santiago And Steven Hoffenberg Have Youngsters? Know Their Family

Positive, a daughter was born to Maria Santiago and Steven Hoffenberg. However, the couple hasn’t talked quite a bit about how their daughter retains a low profile.

Due to the scandal-ridden Towers Financial Corp., which he and Epstein co-founded and used as a cover to cheat 200 victims of $460 million, Hoffenberg rose to fame inside the Nineties. He was launched from jail after spending 18 years, and upon his launch, he joined forces with Epstein’s victims of their battle in the direction of the late pedophile. He handed away alone in a Derby, Connecticut, rental.

He was financing his daughter’s schooling and a private plane with firm funds. Hoffenberg’s effort to purchase the airline Pan Am included the Ponzi scheme; he bought two life and medical medical insurance firms, whose books he then falsely inflated.

Maria Santiago Age: How Earlier Is She?

Maria Santiago appears to be between the ages of 65 and 70. However, she hasn’t revealed to the world her precise age or date of starting. She appears youthful in her photos than her late husband, who was 77 years earlier, nonetheless.

Stevan, her associate, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1945. His career had seen a great deal of ups and downs. Hoffenberg was imprisoned in February 1994, and determine Robert W. Sweet sentenced him to twenty years in jail in 1997. Together with serving 18 years in quite a few jails, he moreover obtained a $1 million efficient and $463 million in damages.

The American Bureau of Prisons experiences that he was launched in October 2013. He moreover settled his licensed dispute with the US Securities and Change Price for $60 million.

The place Is Maria Santiago Now?

The US metropolis of Derby is home to Maria Santiago. Her associate, who died on the age of 77 in his residence about 8 o’clock, is mourned by her. However, nobody outdoor of his family is conscious of his precise birthdate.

Many others had been horrified to take heed to of his passing. Quite a lot of well-known people spoke on stage in assist of the company.

He had completed his 18-year sentence. After being found accountable of towards the legislation, he misplaced his fortune and misplaced contact with almost all of his family. Whereas confined, he underwent a Christian rebirth. Farmer claimed that he was one among a select group who assisted her recently all through her most cancers cures. Evidently he died in his compact rental not prolonged after shopping for COVID, at this degree.

Steven Hoffenberg

Born c. 1945

Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

Died July/August 2022 (aged 77)

Derby, Connecticut, U.S.

Physique discovered August 23, 2022
Employer Towers Financial Firm
Acknowledged for Proprietor of the New York Publish (1993), Ponzi scheme at Towers Financial Firm, Jeffrey Epstein affiliate
Felony value(s) 5 counts of securities fraud, tax evasion, and obstruction of a Securities and Change Price inquiry
Felony penalty 20 years imprisonment and efficient; served 18 years
Accomplice(s) Maria Santiago (m. 2014)

How Did Steven Hoffenberg Die?

On Thursday, authorities in Connecticut had been attempting to find out that Steven Hoffenberg, a convicted Ponzi schemer and mentor to Jeffrey Epstein, was the person discovered deceased in an rental earlier inside the week. Hoffenberg was a mentor to Epstein all through his time in jail.

In keeping with Derby police Lt. Justin Stanko, the actual individual was acknowledged as Hoffenberg based on many objects of proof, along with an automobile, a cellphone, and a medical file.

However, because of to the superior stage of decomposition, the physique was unable to be acknowledged instantly, and he stated that investigators had been prepared for affirmation from dental data.

Stanko stated that it appeared as if the individual had been lifeless for as a minimum seven days.

Who is Steven Hoffenberg?

Roughly born spherical 1945, Steven Jude Hoffenberg was a con artist and businessman in america. He lived until July or August of 2022.

He was the creator, CEO, president, and chairman of Towers Financial Firm, a debt amassing agency that was later confirmed to be a Ponzi scheme. He normal Towers Financial Firm and served as its CEO.

The Towers scandal launched Hoffenberg widespread notoriety.

In 1993, he rescued the New York Publish from the brink of financial wreck, and he later briefly purchased the newspaper.

Towers Financial went out of enterprise in 1993, and Hoffenberg finally acknowledged to dishonest merchants out of $475 million in 1995.

He was given a time interval of 20 years in jail (of which he has already spent 18 years), a efficient of $1 million, and restitution inside the amount of $463 million.

The US Securities and Change Price referred to his fraudulent financial actions as “one in all many greatest Ponzi schemes in historic previous.”

Steven Hoffenberg Detention

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