Who is Asta Jonasson? Check Vin Diesel’s Assistant Wiki, Age, Allegations

Asta Jonasson used to work nearly with Hollywood actor Vin Diesel as his assistant. She has defamed him for improper behavior and has taken legal action against him in California. Despite the allegations, Vin Diesel has not responded openly. This news has become hot content on social media, sparking curiosity among fans about Asta Jonasson and her Hollywood career.

Who is Asta Jonasson?

Asta Jonasson is an actress known for her works in American Crime, Five Days at Memorial, Let It Fall, Los Angeles, 1982- 1992, and more. She also worked as Vin Diesel’s assistant during Fast & Furious 5 filming in 2010. Asta is an American, and her professional LinkedIn profile reveals that she’s presently working as a Director of Development and Creative Executive in Los Angeles, with over 10 times of experience in television and film products.

Asta Jonasson Professional Career

Asta’s professional trip includes screenwriting training from the New York Film Academy and a Bachelorette of trades degree from Simon Fraser University. In 2017, she worked as an associate patron and received a nomination for the Emmy Awards. She has also been involved in executive places for television series like The Bachelor and Shark Tank.

Asta Jonasson Instagram

Unexpectedly, Asta Jonasson doesn’t have a sanctioned Instagram profile, and her social media presence is minimal.

Asta Jonasson’s allegations about Vin Diesel

Regarding the allegations against Vin Diesel, Asta claims that he tried to force her into a hostel room during the filming of Fast & Furious 5 in Atlanta. The action also involves Diesel’s family, Samantha Vincent, who allegedly fired Asta after the incident.

Asta Jonasson Net Worth

Asta Jonasson’s net worth is estimated to be between 1 million and 2 million, reflecting her long-standing career in the Hollywood assiduity, where she has managed behind-the-scenes tasks for colorful television shows and pictures.

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