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Artikel makalah Download Latihan Soal UNBK – kurikulum 2020-2021 lengkap soal pilihan ganda untuk tingkat sekolah dasar kelas 6.

Download Latihan Soal UNBK ,,,, Bahasa Inggris adalah bahasa yang digunakan sebagai media dengan komunikasi sebagai bahasa internasional yang pertama sehingga dapat melakukan berinteraksi dengan orang lain di seluruh dunia, Nah kami dari akan memberikan Download Latihan Soal UNBK SD Bahasa Inggris Soal UNBK SD Bahasa Inggris Soal Pilihan Ganda.

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Contoh Soal UNBK SD Bahasa Inggris Soal Pilihan Ganda


Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:

I. Jawablah dengan pertanyaan berikut ini!

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1. Exterior actions that you’ll be able to do all through the dry season are.
a. Having fun with laptop computer video video games
b. Watch a movie
c. Having fun with basketball
d. Cooking meals

2. Exterior actions that you simply simply can’t do throughout the moist season are.
a. Having fun with laptop computer video video games
b. Purchase stamps
c. Having fun with soccer
d. Cooking meals

3. Jimmy: Are you conscious a sailor?
Bima: Positive, he works in.
a. Ship
b. That plane
c. Car
d. observe

4. Bimo: The place are you going?
Febby: I’ll … get on the plane.
a. Port
b. Airport
c. railway station
d. bus stop

5. My aunt has three youngsters. You could be.
a. Male niece
b. sibling
c. Brothers and sisters
d. cousin

6. My sister has a daughter. She is.
a. Sister
b. aunt
c. cousin
d. Niece

7. If right now is Thursday, tomorrow is.
a. Monday
b. Saturday
c. Friday
d. Sunday

8. If right now is Wednesday, yesterday.
a. Tuesday
b. Monday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

9. Hanna: What time is it now.
Josh: It’s … (5:15) at evening time.
a. 5 5 5 fifteen
b. 5 to fifteen
c. Fifteen to five
d. 1 / 4 earlier 5

10. Nita: What time is it now?
Diomed: At current … (7:45 throughout the morning) throughout the morning.
a. Forty-seven
b. Forty-five to seven
c. forty-five
d. Seventeen by seven

11. We dwell on earth. Earth Satellite tv for pc television for computer.
a. Stern
b. Palapa
c. photo voltaic
d. month

12. The center of the photograph voltaic system is.
a. Earth
b. star
c. photo voltaic
d. month

13. Usually occurs throughout the moist season.
a. Flooding
b. the tsunami
c. drought
d. earthquake

14. The following are points on earth, apart from.
a. Meteorite
b. Lake
c. Mountain
d. waterfall

15. The Nile is the longest … on the planet.
A. Look
b. flowing
c. the ocean
d. desert

16. Australia is a repute … on the planet.
a. sea
b. the ocean
c. continent
d. island

17. Highly regarded and dry.
a. Berg
b. desert
c. Lake
d. continent

18. A: “Does the moon have its private delicate?”
B: “No, that’s.
a. No
b. no
c. no
d. no

19. We are going to see sparkle … at evening time.
a. Photo voltaic
b. star
c. month
d. comet

20. Indonesia located beat continents and two.
a. sea
b. the ocean
c. island
d. Lake

21. The photo voltaic is … from the photograph voltaic system.
a. beneath
b. the sting
c. flooring
d. center

22. I truly … I must eat.
a. sad
b. sleepy
c. hungry
d. indignant

23. Pak Jamil works throughout the fields all day. He feels.
a. fully pleased
b. sad
c. drained
d. passionate

24. Andy’s bicycle is gone. He feels.
a. fully pleased
b. sad
c. passionate
d. fully pleased

25. Rain all day prolonged. We actually really feel.
a. Chilly
b. scorching
c. warmth
d. moist

26. Fina lives alone at home. He feels.
a. fully pleased
b. disillusioned
c. indignant
d. lonely

27. I actually really feel by way of snakes.
a. fully pleased
b. passionate
d. disgusted

28. Anita is beautiful. All boys … in it.
a. disillusioned
c. bored
d. Fright

29. Aliando appears to be wonderful. Many women.
a. was fascinated
b. fully pleased
c. drained
d. disillusioned

30. I get a birthday present. I imagine.
a. sad
b. fully pleased
c. drained
d. bored

31. An in depth good buddy of mine often lies. I imagine.
a. was fascinated
b. disillusioned
c. fully pleased
d. passionate

32. Kelud is the establish.
a. Palace
b. Lake
c. Hill
d. Mountain

33. Someone who travels for pleasure.
a. Driver
b. vacationer
c. a buyer
d. gues

34. Maharani is a repute …. in East Java.
a. river
b. Lake
c. the ocean
d. cave

35. Climbing, mountaineering and tenting are actions in.
a. Wald
b. the ocean
c. flowing
d. Mountain

36. People can fish in.
a. Self-discipline
b. Hill
c. cave
d. flowing

37. Surfboards are instruments.
a. Dive
b. looking
c. camp
d. fish catching

38. Prigi is a repute.
a. Look
b. seashore
c. island
d. Forest

39. They’re the names of rivers in Java, apart from .
a. Brantas
b. Bengawan Solo
c. Serayu
d. Asahan

40. When setting up a sand fortress, Arman and Anto can see the waves. It’s essential spend your journey in.
a. Temple
b. Mountain
c. Lake
d. seashore

41. Bunaken is the establish of a marine park in.
a. West Java
b. Papua
c. North Sulawesi
d. South Sulawesi

42. Don’t throw garbage throughout the river! This might set off.
a. Flooding
b. rain
c. landslide
d. the tsunami

43. The room is simply too darkish. We’re saying.
a. Activate the lights, please
b. flip off the lights
c. Please be aware of the lights
d. please activate the lights

44. The new child is sleeping. Mother talked about.
a. Shut up
b. Hold exhausting
c. Don’t be lazy
d. Talk

45. No … proper right here! The bottom is dirty.
a. clear
b. write
c. sleep
d. sweeping

46. The rainbow could also be very gorgeous.
a. see
b. Hear
c. converse up
d. seen

47. Can I … this water? I’m very thirsty.
a. eat
b. drinks
c. chef
d. thrown

48. Ny. Nadia works in a hospital. He helps the doctor. She is.
a. Dentist
b. shaman
c. nurse
d. surgeon

49. budi hasn’t arrived. His mother feels.
a. Anxious
b. glad
c. nervous
d. passionate

50. I retailer on the grocery retailer. I pay for the merchandise in.
a. Security
b. retailer proprietor
c. cashier
d. supervisor

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Demikianlah sobat yabg dapat kami samapaikan tentang Download Latihan Soal UNBK SD Bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat sederajat terbaru, Semoga artikel ini dapat berguna dan bermanfaat, sekian dan Terima kasih.

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