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An announcement by Reverend Lawrence Tetteh, founder and president of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, claims that all-night church suppliers won’t be religious.

On the August 24, 2022, episode of GBC’s Breakfast Current, the well-known preacher talked about that the arrival of all-night suppliers in Ghana was a outcomes of the dearth of applicable worship home by the early days of the charismatic movement.

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“You’ll be shocked a number of folks don’t understand why we do all night time time proper right here as we communicate. All night time time has no spirituality. The rationale why all night time time started was, that inside the early days of charismatism, Dr Mensah Otabil was using Baden Powel Hall.

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“They rented it. Isaac Quaye was using Social Advance Hall. Almost everybody, along with Movement, they’ve been renting halls and points. You don’t have a spot to have an space to have the flexibility to do a church service.

“The one place you’ll be able to do it is a university church establishing after they’ve closed, and it is solely all through Friday nights that you simply’ve received availability. In case you’re fortunate to have a Methodist church, Presbyterian Church or Anglican church to utilize, the one time you must make the most of it is inside the Friday evenings, and that’s how all nights began,” he outlined.

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He outlined that the thought behind all-nights has sadly been misrepresented as having a religious which means behind it.

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“People assume that each one night time time is spirituality. Truly, the witches inside the day are further dangerous than the witches at night time time. In order we communicate, you realise that a number of persons are into it. And I’m not killing your spiritism, nevertheless usually it is just a religious issue of us do, they often assume it is solely inside the all-night…

“Perception me, I’ve stopped all night time time because of when you go to the all night time time, inside the morning, I can’t go to the weddings, I can’t go to a funeral.

“And it’s possible you’ll be shocked, you is likely to be sitting in your clerical collar, and also you is likely to be dozing, and people are noticing you because you look irresponsible. Because you’ve come from an all night time time and Saturday is the day that you just do all these items,” he talked about.

For Christians, Rev. Tetteh talked about, there ought to be a paradigm shift about all-night suppliers. When hosted near residential areas, he talked about, such suppliers are notably inconvenient and disruptive.

“So there are a complete lot of points that we would like the mindset to range so that we understand the reason why we do positive points. In order we communicate, if really you might have your private church establishing, then nothing prevents you from having a late night time programme, shut late no lower than and go dwelling as a substitute,” he talked about.

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The fact is, All-night service is a key facet of Ghana’s charismatic home. However, such ceremonies have, all by the years, prompted complaints of a nuisance to church members and others who reside adjoining to church buildings.


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