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The controversial prophet Ajagurajah additionally referred to as Chop bar prophet has taken to his Instagram internet web page to share an incident that occurred when he stepped out to buy his favorite delicacy ‘Waakye’.

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Sharing a video on his internet web page, Prophet Ajagurajah disclosed that he stepped out to buy his favorite delicacy Waakye. When he obtained there, the seller acknowledged him and wanted to serve him out of respect for his character.

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Nonetheless, it seems one in every of many prospects who didn’t ideas who the prophet was flared up and started hurling insults at him and likewise disrespected him. Out of anger, he talked about that he requested in regards to the value of your entire meals along with the other add-ups eaten with it and the stew.

The prophet disclosed that he bought everything from the Waakye seller and positioned them in his car gross sales house leaving all the consumers confused throughout the queue.

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